The town of Gościno is situated on the Gryficka Plain, about 20 km south of Kołobrzeg. The Gościnka stream flows along the eastern part of the town, flowing 2.5 km north to the Parsęta River, and to the north-west of the town there is a lake of the same name – Gościno.

The surroundings of Gościno are attractive tourist areas with great natural values, undulating postglacial areas, crisscrossed by numerous rivers, adorned with small lakes in forest complexes. Here you can see moraine hills covered with beech forests, mixed and deciduous forests in the coastal belt, as well as huge stretches of pine forests, derived from economic plantings, carried out since the end of the 19th century.

You can find here many attractive places for nature lovers, mushroom pickers, anglers, ornithologists, and above all, for hiking and cycling enthusiasts. An unquestionable attraction are the nearby bicycle paths, starting just outside the gate of our Folwark, and leading straight to the sea, rivers and lakes.

Commonly known as “a stone’s throw”, the following distances from Folwark are:

  • cycle paths
  • cross-country tracks
  • forest trails
  • lakes for bathing and fishing
  • canoeing trips on the Parsęta river
  • Horse Riding
  • Baltic beaches
  • monuments and natural monuments

and much more attractions!