Outside, there is a huge garden, sun loungers and a whole tract of grass, where you can run barefoot, jump, play football, badminton, look for a four-leaf clover. Here you can breathe fresh air, catch the sun’s rays, hide in the shade of trees, listen to the chirping of birds and buzzing insects, or walk along the nearby Gościnka river.

You can also jump on our bikes and run ahead wherever your heart desires! We are only 20 km away from the sea. You can go to Kołobrzeg or Dźwirzyno, and when you are fed up with urban civilization, after returning to our thresholds, you will relax by the fire, discovering how much joy the simplest activities give and how much we value interpersonal relationships. You can gaze at the constellation of stars, listen to the sounds of the night or mutually tell stories with a thrill – here you are only limited by your imagination